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Our IP based security system takes advantage of the latest technologies, providing a node-based system with a myriad of capabilities and functions yet while simplifying cabling and connectivity.

Our GUI is designed for each project and displays the system control and command in a very intuitive and friendly layout. The GUI displays the system information on touch screens and display monitors allowing authorized users to control cameras, lock/ unlock doors or set security levels. System status is always available and alerts are boldly displayed to eliminate the possibility of missed events.

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Early warning

The system will provide early warning detection and complete historical records of access activity. If anyone attempts to board the vessel without the proper credentials, the watch or security person will be alerted immediately and the location and camera view will be displayed on all monitors. As the intruder moves from point to point the system will automatically follow.

The design includes deck sensors at various entry points, and in some locations LIDAR Lasers, when triggered a camera preset for a visual is displayed. All hatches, door status switches and deck sensors can be bypassed from the monitoring stations after the operator logs on.

Enhanced security & safety

High performance systems with excellent image quality and built for long-range recognition of objects, obstacles, and threats. It enables early decision making and preparedness resulting in increased safety and security.

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