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Bring the experience into the room

An audio/video system can be much more than just entertainment: it fundamentally enriches the whole experience of being on board with family and friends, allowing you to enjoy and relive the finest moments of your travels together by sharing them in perfect quality. The centralized system is IP-based. The central sources are transferred into the Ethernet protocol. From that point on, the signal can be transported to every location in the network - to the local display or to the sound processor in the main AV store.

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Custom, for every wish a solution

The custom high-end audio and video system provides you with all this and more. It comprises with the latest high resolution screens through-out the yacht, which play satellite television, high end Video On Demand system (Like Kaleidescape) , Airplay/Casting solution (like an AppleTV) and more. Optimized displays for professional use display a better, brighter image for you.This professional display combines bright, beautiful image quality with easy operation, flexible networking/control and extensive integration options. The high brightness, high contrast panel outshines other displays. It’s ideal for presenting High Dynamic Range content, revealing subtle detail in the brightest high-lights and areas of dark shadow.

Ideally suited to professional use, the display takes full advantage of latest consumer television technologies to ensure vibrant, high-brightness 4K images that stand out from the crowd. It’s ideal for integration in corporate environments, with Pro mode to simplify installation and allow easy customization of display settings to suit different applications and environments.The display’s intuitive built-in software platform broadens control and customization options even further. It’s easy to create attractive digital signage, mixing media files and online content with no need for additional player hardware.

In depth; everything over IP

We make use of dynamic source routing using AES67/Dante and a Video over IP solutions (such as NVX), ensuring that the system is fully commissionable. For audio, we measure each cabin individually, guaranteeing a clear view of the acoustics in a given room. That is crucial for the best possible adjustment of loud-speakers, with our DSP design enabling us to adjust every loudspeaker individually.

From that point on, the signal can be transported to every location in the network - to the local display or to the sound processor in the main AV store. From the source its all IP to the end into the Dante/AES67 amplifiers. From that point on it will be analog towards the loud-speakers. As sound is a natural thing, we need the analog conversion to actually hear the sound.

Our perspective on reaching the best audio quality possible is to achieve 80% time alignment in-between speaker setups. This cannot be done by the human ear alone, so we use special measurement tools. We make the right time alignments by using SMAART and a microphone to measure the impulse responses and phase-over frequency of several loudspeakers inside a cabin or area.

All of the delivered screens are fine-tuned to their environment to deliver the best image quality possible. This entails adjustments like increasing screen brightness in brighter areas and reducing it in darker ones. All of the above measurements and adjustments are Eekels Marine standard - we do our best to ensure end users have the best experience on board their yacht!

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