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Design Philosophy

The Control system is setup with multiple processors. One processor is taking care of the complete program and divides all controls to several sub processors to handle traffic from each individual cabin/area. Control of TV’s, Video routing, Video sources, Audio routing, Audio sources, Light, Curtains, Crew call and Monitoring have their own slots on different processors. This ensures that there’s a significant spread of the load throughout the complete control system and therefor flexible and good maintainable by certified Crestron programmers.

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Easy switch between different modes

Also, the system is divided by deck, luxury and crew areas, this as well for the spread of the load of the control system and to exclude single points of failure in the system. On these processors there are multiple config files stored which make it possible to run different type of configurations throughout the system, meaning that you can have different setups, for example: Owner/Guest mode or Off Charter mode. When a mode is selected, sources can go to different video endpoints.

All equipment conncted

There’s also a wide range of API’s (Application Programming Interface) options to enable remote control/monitoring and integration with external systems.

Compatibility with a wide range of web API’s broadens options for remote control, monitoring and integration with external systems. The display meets the needs of a wide range of applications, with flexible installation options plus wired and wireless network connection and serial communication control.

On-board systems such as AV, HVAC,lighting and blinds can be controlled by a centralized or local remote control like an iPad or handheld remote. The remote is connected to the central control system, which in turn controls the various components, like the satellite receiver, audio receiver, HVAC and others.

The monitoring system is linked to all Ethernet-connected products - Wi-Fi points, iPads, audio receivers, printers, light system etc. It shows when a product is online or offline and lets you switch between the two. You are in control of all your IP-based products.

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