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Lighting Design

Designing a plan that calculates and visualizes the lighting for indoor and outdoor areas. A unique atmosphere can be created with real products and a bespoke lighting design. The Marpower eXperience lighting consultants will be pleased to advise you and work closely together with you and the architects to design the best possible solution for any given location.

In our laboratory we test all light products, analyze the effects and examine the quality of light and lighting fixtures. You are welcome to come see for yourself and let us shine a light on how we can design, engi-neer, build, install, commission and service all your requirements.

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Interior lighting

To ensure you and your crew enjoy the best possible time aboard, our experienced light designers will be pleased to take measurements and advise you on the light tones that suit your eyes to develop a personalized light plan. Ranging from automatically changing tuneable LEDs to the application of OLED-intelligent wallpaper, no effort is too much to fulfil your vivid light dreams.

Rather than fitting minimalist functional lights in crew areas like the engine room, offices and galley, Eekels suggests installing lights that do more than just meet rules and regulations. We’re specialized in optimizing these areas with efficient lighting for the crew, generating a higher standard of wellbeing in the working environment and helping them feel good and stay alert for much longer.

  1. Research has shown that optimized crew lighting leads to higher standards of wellbeing and a longer attention span.
  2. Eekels makes sure all lighting meets inter-national rules & regulations.(also Emergency & Embarkation lighting)
  3. The complete delivery & programming of any lighting control system for dimming all the light fixtures according to the wishes of the end user.
  4. Integration of third-party systems such as curtains and blinds control and volume control of the AV system into the lighting control system.
  5. 24/7 Monitoring of the lighting system so that there are no surprises and the guests are safe at all times. (No surprises and timely maintenance)

Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting is about more than a few deck and underwater lights. To ensure safety and comply with rules and regulations, we’re ready to install everything from anchor lights to navigation, luxury lighting and visibility lights.

At Eekels we don’t simply install pool, disco and deck lights - working as a total integrator we connect everything to the network so devices can communicate with each other and create a fully synchronized


Tenders and toys are one of the final touches to your yacht, so it’s great to blend the same lights as your yacht or even part of the lightshow. Combined with the music on board, or even automatically increasing volume while approaching the yacht, the tender and toy lighting provides a seamless experience for your guests.

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