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Because of the reliable yacht-wide Wi-Fi and wired network, all phones can be easily integrated and placed throughout the yacht. This system not only allows outbound and inbound calls via Starlink, VSAT system, FLEET and GSM, but can also be fully integrated with other products. These products include the Steward Call System as well as the UHF Radio distribution system. This can be combined in a total active DAS system.

The phones can be used to notify the crew areas of steward calls and security breaches. Although telephony and radio communications are available throughout the yacht, we also recognise that it is convenient for people to use their personal smartphones. The GSM signal can be relayed inside the yacht for all areas included the technical spaces. This system relays all GSM frequencies and protocols If there is no external GSM signal available, a private network via Starlink/ VSAT internet is created.

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Starlink - VSAT

To achieve an internet connection when no coastal signals can be received the vessel can be equipped with a Starlink-VSAT system. VSAT, or Very Small Aperture Terminal is a dish antenna on the mast of the vessel that receives and sends data via satellite to enable communication even on the middle of the oceans. Like Starlink the VSAT is enabling the dish antennas to receive and send signals to the satellite requires pinpoint accuracy which is established trough Antenna Control Units, or ACU’s in the equipment center that is located closest to the mast. The Signal is sent to a VSAT Router located in the MEC as to enable a connection to the vessels network via the core switches.


The TVRO , or Television Receiver Only, system enable the vessel to receive and decode multiple Satellite Television signal. Depending on the Satellite Television Decoders that are integrated in the Audio and Video system the content of different providers can viewed onboard. To ensure a stable connection the dish antenna’s need to be pointed at he satellite that provides the signal. This is accomplished through ACU’s in the same manner as with the VSAT dish antennas. The Satellite TV Decoders are centrally placed inside of the MEC and send via the network to the desired television.


To achieve an internet connection when the vessels is not located in a harbor and thus can not connect to a shore-LAN connection point the 4G/5G antennas are used to achieve a connection with antenna’s located on the coast in the same manner as a mobile telephone would. By aiding the system with a signal amplifier located near the mast the yacht can extend the distance from which they can receive a coastal 4G/5G signal.

The Crew Radio, designed to meet the scope requirements of supplying all crew with UHF radios, with UHF distributed via the DAS system across the vessel. For out of vessel connectivity a combination of UHF, LTE radio will be used and out of reception solution through VSAT, Iridium to maintain connectivity in all areas and situations.

The DAS solution will provide the full spectrum, fiber based future ready solution defined in the scope. The DAS will be the central RF distribution system to be used for UHF, GSM & LTE around the vessel.

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