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At Marpower eXperience we are passionate about creating exceptional experiences for our clients.

We love to entertain our clients. We achieve this with using the best products and systems, highly qualified people and ISO certified processes.....And Passion! That is reflected in our Lighting, Control, Audio Video, IT, Security and Communication Systems.

For the New Build, Refit, Maintenance & Service of Yachts and Ships.


The Art of Ambience: Marpower eXperience Integration

From Design to Installation our solutions create one environment, one exceptional experience.

The key to success is designing a system that exceeds your expectation. For every mood we design the best ambience, resulting in the perfect setup and configuration.

Our solution meets the high standard design rules of yachting, saves energy, saves weight and space by using the latest proven technology, systems and products. This is achieved by knowing how the yacht and its systems and products will be used. We ensure reliability in combination with flexibility and high-performance.

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You've done it before, do it again...

Captain Boardwalk

A phrase of the captain of Motoryacht Boardwalk. Marpower eXperience loves to do it again...

In total we have delivered yachts in a combined length of more than 13km. Since 1965, we have delivered more than 430 projects, including New Build, Refits and many other installations.

Our greatest pleasure is the joy of our clients and by giving them exceptional experiences.

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Sound & Vision at its best.

Whether you want to watch an immersive 8k movie or listen to a radio station, we provide this to you. Everywhere and any time on your yacht. On an iPad or on a Movie screen. In a suite, a shower or outside on deck. An old Hollywood classic or the latest blockbuster. A classical composition or a dance hit. We have no limitations, can you challange us?

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The Beauty of Light, Ambiance & Atmosphere

We use light as the ultimate way to create the right mood. Our light designs in combination with the interior and exterior of a yacht provide the exceptional experience we are looking for. Our guest have the feeling they are in a special environment, that is unique.

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Our Clients Are Always Connected!

“Unrestricted Access. Achieving the same level of connectivity on water as on land”

High speed data connection and clear and crisp communication on the phone with voice and image, as you are used to!

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Intuitive Control: A Simple Touch. That's All

Select your song, film, serie or radio station. Broadcast your playlist on the Yacht's system with one touch. That's what we are talking about. You do not need help of the crew to have fun. It is all intuitive. Just press Play!

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Information Technology

Where IT all happens

The eXperience backbone in a few words: Essentials, Secured, Solid and Fast! We use high bandwidth components in a redundant infrastructure and network. Wired and Wireless. Our system is modular and for every client we have a solution in place. The IT system is so important that we offer management tools and supports you, just to keep you any time updated!

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Feel Safe and comfortable

Before you can enjoy yourself, you have to feel safe. Also this is provided by Marpower eXperience. We deliver a total solution. Our client's safety is the highest priority of Marpower eXperience security solution.

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Creating experiences: Synergy between Technology and Process

Our organization structure is a symbiosis of our technology, project and service professionals. Strenghten eachother in every aspect of the yachting life. Either building a yacht, maintaining and refitting a yacht. We have this incorporated in our organization and offer our clients a 360 degree service. In every phase the right professional and the right solution at your service!


The people behind your project are:

Client focused​, project prince 2 trained, experienced innovators​​ and certified professionals​, which work with state of the art hardware​, modular building blocks​ and dedicated to a health, safety & environment.​

We deliver eXperience

Solid Partner for​ Newbuild – Refit – Maintenance & Service​.

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